Welcome to Sky Roof Apartments…

… a unique project in the heart of the capital of Podbeskidzie – Bielsko-Biała! We are a group of local entrepreneurs. Experiences from our own business and leisure travels made us want to introduce a breath of freshness and luxury to the local short-term rental market. S.R.A. is the result of teamwork and combining ambitious dreams with the need for comfort and quality. Our goal is to combine the luxury of a five-star hotel with the freedom of a private penthouse, but it doesn’t stop there. We invited other local entrepreneurs, artists, and craftsmen to cooperate with us to create unique interiors that will create long-lasting memories.

Because the devil’s in the detail…

We personally make sure that our interiors are pampered in every detail and that our guests are well taken care of because, in Sky Roof Apartments, every guest is a VIP! S.R.A. was created for those who value quality, comfort, and convenience. We know the importance of complete and functional equipment, clean and allergen-free air, and comfortable sleep, that’s why we took care of all this and much, much more! Treat yourself to luxury at a surprisingly affordable price. Because the devil’s in the detail!

Business or lesure trip with a private assistant? With us it's possible!

Our concierge is here to help you with organizing your journey and stay at the Sky Roof Apartments so that every precious minute is used to the full!

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